University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of Extension

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of Extension facilitates the Master Naturalist program. Extension develops and maintains the course content; provides registration and evaluation services; facilitates opportunities for Master Naturalists to learn and serve with other organizations; hosts the online reporting portal and recognizes efforts of Master Naturalists. Extension also trains Master Naturalist Instructors and provides professional development and outreach to engage instructors, host organizations and stakeholders. Master Naturalists perform their volunteer service with other organizations across the state, and in certain instances, with Extension programs outside of the Master Naturalist program.

Host Organizations

Organizations across the state partner with the Master Naturalist program by hosting the volunteer training at their location. These organizations often provide volunteer opportunities in environmental education and interpretation, stewardship or citizen science and include nature centers, parks, “Friends of” groups, field stations, museums, government agencies, non-profits.

Stakeholder Organizations

Master Naturalists provide service to over 650 stakeholder organizations across the state. These programs range from local watershed groups to statewide natural resources organizations and offer citizen science, stewardship, and educational programming opportunities. Track large carnivores, participate in a prescribed burn, or lead an educational program for youth! The Master Naturalist program can connect you with a stakeholder organization and volunteer opportunity that feels right for you.